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The Van... It was all part of my master plan

The only way we were going to make it on our long roadtrip with 2 adults and 2 fairly good sized dogs was if we had enough space. All we needed was something simple, nothing fancy since we are talking about using it to transport our stuff, 2 hairy dogs and give everyone enough room to stretch out. After the roadtrip, it would probably see the pavement about once a week.

The Minivan Must Haves:
• Stow n go seats (for our stuff and future guests)
• Rear temperature controls (for the dogs)
• Dual temperature controls in the front (for our marriage)

Those simple 3 things could make everyone's lives much easier. Since my husband is part penguin and we NEVER can agree on the temperature of anything, the car, the house, the pool, even food sometimes something as simple as dual temperature controls really could be equal to a marriage counselor.

So the hunt began. You would think that it should be simple right? Well, not quite. I had a specific budget I wanted to stay within and everything I found had way more than we needed. After about a month of hunting, I had it down to 2 options. One here in town, within my budget, but more miles than I would like. Option 2 lower miles, higher price and out of town. So I consulted my husband, which really didn't care even though this will be his permanent vehicle. I can buy a vehicle without his input, but I could never buy him a cell phone. Priorities of a man that works from home. :) His advice: Option #2. What I bought: Option #1. Let's hope this story doesn't end with "I told you so...".

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The Birth of "The Plan"

Four years ago my husband and I made what we called "the big move" from our home state of Michigan to Las Vegas. This was a big decision for us, leaving our families, friends, jobs and comforts that you tend to take for granted. But we did it! Another big decision we had to make was how we were going to get us, all of our stuff, 2 dogs and 1 cat across the country. After much debate and research we decided to make the drive. The 2100+ miles, 30 hour drive, but we were glad we did. Neither one of us had really seen much of the country and really enjoyed the scenery as we quickly cruised through state after state, stopping only for gas and dog potty breaks. We said, man it sure would've been great if we could have slowed down a bit and enjoyed it. Then.... "The Plan" was born.

After we finally broke out of our comfort shell, we quickly discovered that we really enjoyed traveling and exploring new places. And most importantly we enjoyed driving to do it with our furry friends. So we did what every normal family does. We started taking our vacations to locations that the dogs would love. Our animals have always been very important to us, but once we moved away from everyone else they became even more. In fact I am pretty sure, Kati our youngest dog (age 8) gets everything that she wants, way more than I do. ;)

So we decided to do it! We decided to make the drive back to Michigan with the dogs and really take our time and enjoy it. Thankfully, my husband works from home and I have a pretty cool boss so the "The Plan" was put in motion. Now the real work begins... actually scheduling it! Oh, did I mention that my husband leaves all those details to me? No worries, because I love it.

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